Wet Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control

A Wet Scrubber for Air Pollution Control removes small particulates from an air stream using water and a venturi throat to force the particulate-laden air and water into intimate contact. The particulate impacts or impinges on the water droplet and is removed from the air stream by the use of a high efficiency demister. Jardar Systems designs and engineers Wet Scrubbers to your requirements and specifications.

Jardar Systems offers a variety of high quality Wet Scrubbers, aka Wet Particulate Scrubbers, to make your plant cleaner and greener. Along with our Wet Scrubber devices, we specialize in risk assessments and bottleneck troubleshooting to simplify your process.

Our Wet Scrubbers for air pollution control are designed to solve issues for multiple industries. Some typical industry applications include:

  • Metallurgical Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Furnaces
  • Foundry Cupolas, Sand Operations, and Mold Lines
Jardar drawing of Wet Scrubber Piping

Unlike Packed Tower Scrubbers which are used to rid of gas phase emissions, Venturi Wet Scrubbers are designed to efficiently collect fine particulates and mists. The scrubbing liquid  turns into fine droplets, which work to entrap particles.

Below are the Wet Scrubbers we design and engineer:

Multi-Venturi Wet Scrubbers

Our Multi-Venturi Wet Scrubbers are self-draining and do not require water level control. These are great for addressing applications where the user would like to achieve high performance at low pressure drops, adjustability of the venturi rod deck or compact, low profile design to suit available space.

Classical Venturi Wet Scrubbers

Venturi wet scrubbers use pressure drop energy from a high-velocity inlet gas stream to atomize the liquid being used to scrub the gas stream. The air stream particulate impacts the atomized water droplets, which are then effectively removed from the air stream through the proprietary mist eliminators.

Dual-Throat Wet Scrubbers

The Dual-Throat Wet Scrubbers is one of our most versatile wet scrubber designs available. It has the ability to handle a large variety of wet, dry, sticky, and oily particulate loads.

Pollution Reduction Applications

Our team has what it takes to design efficient pollution reduction equipment while also staying within all safety guidelines. Our Wet Scrubber products can be used for these process applications:

  • Particulate Removal in Humid Gas Streams
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • Adiabatic Cooling


  • Oxidizers and Incinerators
  • Bagasse Boiler Emissions
  • Bark Boiler Emissions
  • Battery Recycling Plant Emissions
  • Sugar Refinery Emissions
  • Salt Plant Emissions

Choose Jardar Systems for your Wet Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control

There are many benefits for choosing Jardar Systems, Inc. to design your wet scrubbers for air pollution control. We design, engineer, and supply complete solutions to meet your strictest air pollution control requirements. Equipment is designed using the latest in process and mechanical engineering technology and software. Through our affiliations with foreign companies, engineering and equipment can be supplied the world over.

We Can Help With Equipment Performance and Reliability

Engineers are available for a nominal fee for start-up and service calls. Special engineering services are also available for testing and evaluation of difficult, hard-to-define problems in process or pollution control equipment. To assist companies in improving equipment performance and reliability, a yearly maintenance plan is available.

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