Packed Tower Scrubbers

Packed Tower Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control is a device that is designed for getting rid of gas phase emissions such as sulfur dioxide or other odors and acids.

Different from our Wet Scrubbers that are designed to efficiently collect fine particulates and mists, our Packed Tower Scrubbers are designed specifically for chemical scrubbing of contaminants from gas streams.

Our specialists can help you decide which Packed Tower Scrubber is best for your needs. This could be a Counter-Current Vertical, Cross Current Horizontal, or Co-Current Vertical.

Our Packed Tower Scrubbers for air pollution control are designed to solve issues for many different industries. These industry applications include:

  • Foundry Sand Operations and Mold Lines
  • Oxidizers and Incinerators
  • Gasoline Refinery HF and NH3 Operations
  • Pulp and Paper H2S and Mercaptan Emissions
  • Semiconductor Plant Emissions
  • Chemical Plant Emissions
  • Polysilicon Plant Emissions
Packed Tower Scrubber being installed

Pollution Reduction Applications

Our specialists have what it takes to design efficient pollution reduction equipment while also staying within all safety guidelines. Our Packed Tower Scrubber products can be used for these process applications:

  • Acid Gas, NH3, and H2S Scrubbing
  • Chemical Absorption
  • NOx Control
  • Gas De-Humidification
  • Water De-Aeration
  • Liquid Stripping

Choose Jardar Systems for your Packed Tower Scrubber Needs

There are many benefits for choosing Jardar Systems, Inc. to design your Packed Tower Scrubber for air pollution control. Meet your strictest air pollution control requirements through Jardar System’s premier design, engineering, and complete solutions supply. Equipment is designed using the latest in process and mechanical engineering technology and software. Through our affiliations with foreign companies, engineering and equipment can be supplied all over the world.

Custom built Ammonia Air Stripper by Jardar

We Are With You Every Step of the Way!

For a small fee, our Engineers are available during start-up and service calls. Special engineering services are also available for testing and evaluation of difficult, hard-to-define problems in process or pollution control equipment.

To assist your company with improving equipment performance and reliability, we offer a yearly maintenance plan. This allows a service technician to provide a complete equipment diagnostic examination two to four times a year. This proactive approach to equipment maintenance allows us to identify problems before they develop; This way it gives your maintenance people time to repair the equipment on a normal shutdown schedule instead of in a state of emergency.

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