Complete Engineered System Design

Jardar Systems, Inc. works closely with you to tackle even the toughest air pollution problems with our Complete Engineered System Design services.

Our pollution control company specializes in custom solutions for difficult problems, no matter the size or scope. We design, engineer, and supply specialized material handling, air pollution control, and industrial water pollution control equipment for unusual or one-off applications. These process applications include:

  • Complex Process Streams with Multiple Contaminants
  • Solid and Medical Waste Incinerators
Designing a pH Adjustment Tank Skid in warehouse

Pollution Control Equipment Replacement

The pollution control specialists at Jardar Systems can offer custom engineered design services for small or large systems. This option allows companies with existing Pollution Control Systems and Processes to upgrade or replace existing equipment to meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements. Tell us what your challenges are, and we will design a solution for your facility.

Complete Engineered System Design

This is our SPECIALTY! Our Complete Engineered System Design services are a great option for industries who are starting from scratch on a new pollution control system and process integration.

Jardar Systems, Inc. comprises an experienced team of professionals who will keep your project on track and budget.You can trust that our project management team will seamlessly provide the following:

  • Full PLC Programming and System Start-Up Capabilities
  • Integration of Plant and Vendor-Supplied Equipment
  • Drawing Supply including GA, P&ID, PFD, & Piping Isometrics
Installation engineers at Jardar Systems

Why Industries Trust Jardar Systems, Inc.

With our extensive experience gained from multiple projects across diverse industries, Jardar Systems, Inc. will meet your strictest requirements using the latest process and mechanical engineering, software, and technology. Using our contacts with foreign companies and fabricators, we can supply equipment and systems worldwide.

We Stay With You Every Step of the Way!

Our engineers are available during start-up and for service calls. Special engineering services are also available for testing and evaluation of difficult, hard-to-define problems in process or pollution control equipment.

Let’s Discuss Your Complete Engineered System Design Today

Contact our team at Jardar Systems, Inc. with your requirements and specifications and let us deliver a dependable cost-effective solution. Call us today at (847) 550-1686 or fill out our online form to speak with one of our pollution control professionals. We look forward to working with you to help solve your pollution problems.


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