Pollution Control Equipment

Jardar Systems, Inc. custom builds pollution control equipment for cleaner, greener solutions. We specialize in supplying custom-designed solutions for problems that are difficult to solve.

Installation engineers at Jardar Systems
Complete Engineered System Design

Jardar Systems, Inc. works closely with you to tackle even the toughest air pollution problems with our Complete Engineered System Design services.

Infographic on how a Demister System works
Demister Systems

Jardar Systems, Inc. proudly brings you our custom-built mist eliminator devices. Learn about our Demister Systems for mist removal and how they can offer a solution for your daily operation.

Custom built Ammonia Air Stripper by Jardar
Packed Tower Scrubbers

Packed Tower Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control is a device that is designed for getting rid of gas phase emissions such as sulfur dioxide or other odors and acids.

clean smoke coming out of air pollution control system
SCR DeNOx System

Our specialists here at Jardar Systems, Inc. builds premier SCR DeNOx Systems with the purpose of removing NOx Fumes and Contaminants.

Blue De-dustable HEPA Filter is pharmaceutical plant
Dust Collection Systems

Jardar Systems, Inc. offers many high quality Dust Collection Systems to reduce costs and provide consistency to each of your projects. Learn about our variety of Dust Collectors.

engineers setting up air pollution control system in warehouse
Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control is a device that removes contaminants from a gas stream by using a liquid. Jardar Systems designs and engineers Wet Scrubbers to your plants’ specifications.

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